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Fixtures 2016/2017

Here are the fixtures for the teams playing for Lincoln in the Lincolnshire Chess League:

Division One
Date Fixture
Wed 12 Oct Lincoln v Louth
Thu 27 Oct Scunthorpe v Lincoln
Wed 9 Nov Lincoln v Grimsby
Wed 10 Jan Louth v Lincoln
Wed 1 Feb Lincoln v Scunthorpe
Mon 20 Mar Grimsby v Lincoln

Division Two North
Date Fixture
Thu 29 Sep Scunthorpe A v Lincoln
Wed 5 Oct Lincoln v Grimsby D
Tue 1 Nov Louth v Lincoln
Wed 7 Dec Lincoln v Scunthorpe B
Wed 25 Jan Lincoln v Louth
Wed 15 Feb Lincoln v Scunthorpe A
Thu 2 Mar Grimsby D v Lincoln
Wed 15 Mar Lincoln v Horncastle
Thu 6 Apr Horncastle v Lincoln
Mon 24 Apr Scunthorpe B v Lincoln

Division Two South
Date Fixture
Wed 19 Oct Lincoln v Spalding
Wed 16 Nov Lincoln v Louth
Wed 23 Nov Grantham v Lincoln
Wed 30 Nov Lincoln v Horncastle
Tue 7 Feb Louth v Lincoln
Tue 21 Feb Spalding v Lincoln
Wed 22 Feb Lincoln v Grantham
Thu 9 Mar Horncastle v Lincoln